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In life I have learned that all are cycles, there are good ones and there are bad ones, that they start and develop and end in the light of death, nothing is important, only being alive and being conscious, in this sense, the only thing important in life, are the decisions that we takes along the way, to take responsibility for them and make the maximum effort to be congruent and responsible for those decisions, knowing deep down in our self, I insist, that, in the light of the death, nothing, nothing is important.
I was born in a colony of Mexico City called Netzahualcóyotl, when i am 3 years old my parents moved to the beautiful State of Oaxaca where I was raised and learned the secrets of the ocean, the flora and fauna of the region, I was a fisherman, hunter (hunting was allowed at that time before then 1990) I was a captain of boats doing recreational tourist trips in the Chacahua Lagoon National Park, I was a agriculture farmer, cattle rancher, washed cars from where my great dream of being a Licenced Tour Guide was born.
When I was 16 years old, I went to the Mexican army in Mexico City in the Peñón de Los Baños.
When I was 19 years old, I finish this job with all the pertinent honors, and, at the age of 20 I made my own decision to look for the reason of life.
I left behind a I had built a world of social responsibility in my community of raising, The Zapotalito Village and I gave up my prosperous and promising work in the private initiative, I took a backpack, $ 5000 pesos from a land that I sold, that my Father had given me and I bought a ticket, only one way, and I went to the United States in search of a new and promising life, because for 20 years I listened in my home and in school, that I was from Africa and that my roots could be found building first the American dream in the United States to travel with some economy to Africa, after two years of traveling through some countries, living six months in Pennsylvania and participating as a listener in a course of History of America, in the UPenn University, I realized that I was not clear about my cultural identity, because I lived in the United States, I was sure that I was of African origin but I had nothing to do in the United States, but it was not clear to me what I was, so I decided return to Mexico in search of my identity, the destination has been very generous with me and brought me back to my intresting and beautiful state of Oaxaca 23 years ago, and here, I have learned to know who I am and what my root and identity is, thanks to the cultural, philosophical and human wealth of Oaxaca, I found the great answers of my life, there are some who are Oaxacan by birth, and have who are Oaxacan by conviction, here I discovered that Oaxaca is the spiritual reserve of Mexico, during the first ten years of my life in Oaxaca, I dedicated myself to work as a Tour Guide, promoting the culture of fine arts that I had known in other countries, but little by little, as I got closer to the cultural life of the Anahuac cultures of Oaxaca, now with much respect and humility, trying to learn the values and principles of traditions, customs, festivities, in short, trying to discover in the other my own face, my true heart stripping me of the old armor Conquistador-conquered Spaniard, this path of revaluation and discovery of our own, led me to define myself as a Cultural Promoter of the Anahuac, this not only allowed me to discover the Mother Civilization, I lived in my people, but I also discovered myself, in my true human dimension, as the heir of the ancestral wisdom known as Toltecáyotl inspired by my great teacher Guillermo Marín Ruiz. In my responsibility with the community, the Mother culture and her philosophy, for many years, shoulder to shoulder, with people who really appreciate me and share the same philosophical cultural thought with me, we have insisted on investigating, reason, systematize, promote and disseminate through the non-profit Travel Agencies and Civil Associations the historical memory and the ancestral cultural identity, the same with the teachers of Indigenous Education in the corners of the state, that in public squares, centers cultural and universities of our Mexican country as well as in Canada and in California EU, with our people, who left in search of a better life.
I wish to place on record in this letter my thanks to the great teacher of teachers Dr. Guillermo Marín Ruiz and now to Santander University empowered with the University del Medio Ambiente y Ciencias Aplicadas (Umac) of Oaxaca City, a noble institution that distinguishes me with this opportunity to be carrying out this Master's Degree in Sustainable Cultural Tourism, with Doctor Marín and here at the University I have had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate to train students in values and ancestral principles, in leaving seeds of conscience, critical thinking and rebellion, and I have always found an open and critical space for the decolonization of thought, especially in the field of ancestral history, the truth, I never imagined getting to have an opportunity to be a Master's degree and take the step to a Doctorate, I thank those who thought to grant me so high distinction, I know that I will have to work harder, in the research work and dissemination of the historical memory and the ancestral cultural identity of Oaxaca and Mexico, of redoubling the efforts so that more people have the opportunity to know another decolonized version of the history of our ancestors, Oaxaca, the country and the world ; they need, today more than ever, professionals with strong principles and values, to exalt, in their professional practice, whatever it is, the wonder of acting as conscious human beings and responsible for the historical moment that they have lived, the death rattles of modern world are causing severe damage to living beings, including humanity and the planet itself, to face these dramatic challenges that await them, I recommend that they stop looking outside, what has always been inside, both deep within their hearts, as in our ancient Mother Culture, the future of Mexico is in the decolonized re-knowledge of its millenary past, many thanks with great love and respect for all your friend forever Alejandro Valdivia.



Alejandro Valdivia

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